Getting your Florida home ready for the summer

We all know it can get pretty warm during the summer days here in Florida and when people think about getting ready for the summer they think about the new bathing suit they need for the beach, updating their summer wardrobe of tank tops, shorts, and flip flops. Getting your home ready for the upcoming heat is also very important as you want to make sure you keep the heat outside and comfortable inside.

#1: Get your A/C checked, paying a little to have a technician check your A/C could save you a lot in the future.


#2: Change your air filters, replacing your air filters are a low costs way to ensure your A/C works properly during the warm summer days.


#3: Check your weather stripping around the doors and windows. This will ensure that while you are keeping the hot weather outside you are also keeping your cool air inside. This will also allow your A/C to run less allowing you to keep a low energy bill.


#4: Install reflective film on your windows, adding reflective film will block the sunlight that may be causing higher temperatures in areas in your home.


#5: Clean out your gutters, Florida is notorius for it’s “3 o’clock” rain, so make sure your gutters are cleaned out of any debri such as leaves and braches to assure that your gutters are doing their part.


#6: Stock up on your hurrican supplies, typicall the first week of June will mark the Florida Sales Tax Holiday in which items such as batteries, first-aid kits, tarps, and other items are on sale tax-free.

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