10 Indoor Florida Flea Markets To Explore

10 Indoor Florida Flea Markets To Explore

August 7, 2015

By Natashia E. Ford (www.state27.com)

Florida in the summertime means it’s either too hot or too wet to enjoy a full day outdoors. Days like this call for inexpensive indoor options like Flea Markets.

So you can imagine my sadness when I found out that Flea World in Sanford isclosing down for good at the end of this month.

Now what? Well, I’ve got to find some new flea markets! I reached out to our Florida experts (Realtors®), and they hipped me to a bunch of “must visit” flea markets that I’ve now added to my bucket list.

10 Florida flea markets to explore based on Realtor® recommendations.

For some reason all the ones that made my list conveniently have covered or indoor, air conditioned space.

“American Indian exhibit…alligator exhibit…tons of fresh fruits and veggies!!”

— Angela W. (Regarding International Market World)

1.    International Market World – Auburndale

2.    Wagon Wheel & Mustang Market – Pinellas Park

“Most of the indoor shops are open 7 days a week. Best place to buy sea shells and beautiful coastal decor”

— Julie O. (Regarding the Red Barn Flea Market Plaza)

3.    Red Barn Flea Market Plaza – Bradenton

4.    Oldsmar Flea Market – Oldsmar

5.    Sun Flea Market – Port Charlotte

6.    The Dome Flea & Farmers Market – Venice

“This is a great place to find just about anything. It also has a restaurant attached. Come see it. And if you fish, this is a great place to find all your fishing needs! ”

— Nancy K. (Regarding The Village Shoppes)

7.    The Village Shoppes – Ruskin

8.    The Markets of Marion – Belleview

9.    Fleamasters – Fort Myers

10. Renningers – Mount Dora

A special thanks to the local experts who shared their favorite flea markets with me.

  1. Unique & Homemade Items – You can find the most unique items at a flea market. Things you didn’t even know you needed until you see it there. And you can’t beat the prices.
  2. Fresh Produce & Good Eats – Some flea markets incorporate a farmers market. Fresh fruits and veggies! I’ve never gone to a flea market where I didn’t find something good to eat.
  3. Supports Local Small Business – The vendors are always extremely kind. It’s a great feeling to know I’m supporting a local small business.
  4. I’m Active – During the weekend I like to stay somewhat active. Walking up and down every aisle at the flea market makes me feel better about the good eats I’ve consumed.
  5. They’re Great Reasons for a Road Trip – Flea markets are pretty much everywhere in Florida. Visiting markets outside of my area gives me a reason to take mini weekend road trips.

Show Us Your Flea Finds

Have a great flea market find? Share a pic on our FB page. I’ll share my pics on there too when I visit these markets.

Write Your Own Flea Market Bucket List!

Here’s a list of over 50 Florida flea markets. More than enough to draft a good looking list.

Do you have a favorite flea market you think I should add to my list? Share it below!


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