10 Indoor Florida Flea Markets To Explore

10 Indoor Florida Flea Markets To Explore

August 7, 2015

By Natashia E. Ford- http://www.state27.com

Florida in the summertime means it’s either too hot or too wet to enjoy a full day outdoors. Days like this call for inexpensive indoor options like Flea Markets.

So you can imagine my sadness when I found out that Flea World in Sanford isclosing down for good at the end of this month.

Now what? Well, I’ve got to find some new flea markets! I reached out to our Florida experts (Realtors®), and they hipped me to a bunch of “must visit” flea markets that I’ve now added to my bucket list.

10 Florida flea markets to explore based on Realtor® recommendations.

For some reason all the ones that made my list conveniently have covered or indoor, air conditioned space.

“American Indian exhibit…alligator exhibit…tons of fresh fruits and veggies!!”

— Angela W. (Regarding International Market World)

1.    International Market World – Auburndale

2.    Wagon Wheel & Mustang Market – Pinellas Park

“Most of the indoor shops are open 7 days a week. Best place to buy sea shells and beautiful coastal decor”

— Julie O. (Regarding the Red Barn Flea Market Plaza)

3.    Red Barn Flea Market Plaza – Bradenton

4.    Oldsmar Flea Market – Oldsmar

5.    Sun Flea Market – Port Charlotte

6.    The Dome Flea & Farmers Market – Venice

“This is a great place to find just about anything. It also has a restaurant attached. Come see it. And if you fish, this is a great place to find all your fishing needs! ”

— Nancy K. (Regarding The Village Shoppes)

7.    The Village Shoppes – Ruskin

8.    The Markets of Marion – Belleview

9.    Fleamasters – Fort Myers

10. Renningers – Mount Dora

A special thanks to the local experts who shared their favorite flea markets with me.

  1. Unique & Homemade Items – You can find the most unique items at a flea market. Things you didn’t even know you needed until you see it there. And you can’t beat the prices.
  2. Fresh Produce & Good Eats – Some flea markets incorporate a farmers market. Fresh fruits and veggies! I’ve never gone to a flea market where I didn’t find something good to eat.
  3. Supports Local Small Business – The vendors are always extremely kind. It’s a great feeling to know I’m supporting a local small business.
  4. I’m Active – During the weekend I like to stay somewhat active. Walking up and down every aisle at the flea market makes me feel better about the good eats I’ve consumed.
  5. They’re Great Reasons for a Road Trip – Flea markets are pretty much everywhere in Florida. Visiting markets outside of my area gives me a reason to take mini weekend road trips.

Show Us Your Flea Finds

Have a great flea market find? Share a pic on our FB page. I’ll share my pics on there too when I visit these markets.

Write Your Own Flea Market Bucket List!

Here’s a list of over 50 Florida flea markets. More than enough to draft a good looking list.

Do you have a favorite flea market you think I should add to my list? Share it below!


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